Nirajan Dahal

Over the last five years I've had a pleasure of working with some remarkable colleagues. From my roots as a developer, I've grown into a proficient Project Manager. All of this has unfolded in the vibrant backdrop of Nepal, adding a unique flavor to my experiences. I have worked with multiple teams side by side developing mobile apps, web apps, websites and more.

#CSS, #Photoshop, #FrontEnd, #UI/UX, #ProjectManagement

More about me

Discuss peace of mind and secrets of universe!

Sometimes, it's valuable to take the time to speak while someone else listens. If I'm not busy, I'd be happy to do that. The benefit for me is gaining insights from someone else's perspective on life.

SEO and Digital Marketing Consultation

At times, it's important to plan out the keywords instead of just expressing your vision. We can guide you through this process for the long term, or if you have confidence in us, we can handle it on your behalf.

Product Management

Share the responsibility and let someone else handle the job to make your dream come true, whether it's for yourself or your company. It takes time, involves risks, but it can also be enjoyable.

Support , Coaching and Consulting

There is always something good in everyone, but sometimes the right motivation, intent, and mindset are crucial. Sometimes, we all need a little help. I can assist with that, and the advantage of working with me is that you can talk to a friend.

Development Supprt

I offer assistance in development, team coordination, planning, testing, and more. Let me streamline and enhance your development process for success.

Web / User Interface

Transitioning from developer to designer to manager, I now guide others in business growth. Specializing in planning and designing user interfaces for mobile apps and websites, I also cultivate new business ideas.